MVR Evaporator

MVR Evaporator

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Mechanical vapor compression MVR or MVC (MechanicalVapor Compression) evaporator, the principle is to use the secondary steam whichis produced through compressing the steam by the steam compressor , secondarysteam heat and temperature is increased by the compressor, steam compressedinto the evaporator as the heat source, again makes the raw material liquidstart evaporation, so there is no need to rely on external fresh steam, justneed to rely on the evaporator system itself circulating to achieve the purposeof evaporation. Through the PLC control system, configuration software andengineering software to control the temperature, pressure, speed motor system,maintain stable, intelligent and efficient operation of the evaporator.


1)No waste heat steam emissions, energy-saving effect isvery significant, which is equivalent of 10 effect evaporator.

2)Using this technology can achieve to countercurrentwashing of secondary steam, therefore the dry matter content in condensed wateris far lower than the number of evaporator.

3)Using low temperature negative pressure evaporation(50-90 ), help to prevent the degeneration resulted from hightemperature evaporation.

4)MVR evaporator is a substitute of traditionalmulti-effect falling-film evaporator, is based on single effect evaporatorthrough the reuse of the secondary steam countercurrent washing andrecompression. All material that applicable for single effect and multi-effectevaporator, are suitable for use in the MVR evaporator, technically have the substitutability.It has perfect characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving. Becauseof its significant energy-saving effect, MVR evaporator technology started rapiddevelopment in foreign countries at the beginning of 70's, now is widely used,which is used in industrial wastewater treatment and dairy, sugar, starch,alumina, papermaking, caprolactam, seawater desalination, coking plant(recovery of sulfur dioxide production sulfur ammonia), salt chemical industry,and other many production areas.

Technical parameters (evaporationaccording to the customer need to design)
Evaporationcapacity500kg/Hr 1000kg/Hr 1500kg/Hr 2000kg/Hr 5000kg/Hr 10000kg/Hr 15000kg/Hr 
Inlet  saturated steam capacity(kg/Hr)50010001500200050001000015000
Inletsaturation temperature (c)55.29571.63182.10990909090
Outlettemperature (c)12.59014.14515.18516.00016.00016.00016.000
Outletthe saturation temperature (c)67.88585.77697.294106.000106.000106.000106.000
Inletsaturation pressure kPa (A)15.97533.44151.56770.11770.11770.11770.117
Inletsaturation pressure kPa (A)28.43259.59691.921125.029125.029125.029125.029
Motorpower (kw)40557595132550640
Outletvolume flow (m^3/s)0.7950.79710.79850.79970.79970.79970.7997
Outlet volume flow (m^3/s)22.73622.79522.83722.8722.8722.8722.87
Outlet volume flow (m^3/s)4X4X106X4.5X128X5.5X148X5.5X149.5X6X1512.6X6.5X1713.6X7X1

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