Scraper Film Evaporator

Scraper Film Evaporator

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SummaryScraper film evaporator is a high efficient evaporation ordistillation equipment, which distribute liquid to uniform thin film throughhigh-speed rotation for evaporation or distillation, and it can also carry outdeodorization, de-foaming reaction and heating, cooling unit operations, it canbe widely applicable to Chinese and western medicine, food, light industry,petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection industry etc.


Centrifugal scraped film evaporator adoptsforeign advanced technology, stand at a leading position with internationallevel in the field of scraper film evaporator.

   Performance and characteristics
   This equipment is the newest structure ofevaporator in the world, also can form the thin film on the very small flow,The sediment in liquid adhere the cylinder inner wall surface at theevaporation period can be quickly removed by scraper,  compared with fixed gap scraper evaporator,evaporation can improve 40-69%, it has the following features:

    1High heat transfer coefficient and evaporation capacity, evaporationintensity can reach 100kg/m2/ HR, high thermal efficiency.

   2Material heatingtime is short, between 5 to 10 seconds, and can operate in the vacuumcondition, more beneficial for heat-sensitive materials, keeping the variousingredients do not produce any decomposition, to ensure product quality.

3 Adaptable to large viscosity range, handleboth high and low viscosity material, material viscosity can reach up to 100000CPS (CP)

4By changing thedirection of rotation of scraper trench, can adjust the material treatment timein the evaporator.         5The evaporationsection of the inner wall of the barrel body through precision boring andpolishing treatment, the surface is not easy to produce coke, scaling.

6 Convenient operation, easy adjustment ofproduct index, can automatic continuous produce in airtight condition

7Equipment covers small area, simple structure, convenient repair, easyto clean.

Technical parameters

Heat transfer area M21246810121520
Heat transfer area M2 MPa0.
Vacuum degree MPa707070707070707070
Evaporation KG/H15030060090012001500180021002600
Energy consumption KG/H165330850120016001800220025003100
Motor power KW1.535.57.57.511111518.5
Speed RPM130130130858585636363
Device height  MM26004872564064066990732094601050012400

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